If I had to define a starting point for my passion for photography, it would be when I purchased my first used camera in 2014 – a Canon EOS 550D (Rebel T2i) with the 18-55mm kit lens.

At that time I had no technical skills or particular knowledge in the handling of a SLR and what makes a photograph. The management of light and the technical terms of “focal”, “aperture” and “ISO” didn’t really make sense to me yet.

Then, step by step, I started consulting many blogs and tutorial sites in order to learn more about the theory of photography and get comfortable with the technical terms and settings of my camera. At the same time I applied what I was learning, I experimented with practice, I made trials and mistakes. Nothing like practice and failure in order to make progress. A little patience and stubbornness also help!

Years passed and I continued my self-learning and my discovery of the many applications that photography can have. I also expanded my range of equipment by acquiring 2 new lenses. In 2018, after a sabbatical year traveling (in Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Canada) which increased my love for photography, I realised that I wanted more of it. Beyond acquiring a drone and renewing my equipment by switching to a full-frame camera, I also took a very important turn in my personal but also professional life.

In 2020, I came back to Sydney, I moved in with my partner and I enrolled at the Billy Blue College of Design of Sydney in the Diploma of Photo Imaging. I am now perfecting my technical skills and acquiring more knowledge necessary in becoming a professional photographer.


Frame + Work Trimester 1 (2020) “Tools of the Trade”: 2nd place 🥈    (More info here.)

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