If I had to define a starting point for my passion in photography, it would be when I purchased my first used camera in 2014 – a Canon EOS 550D with the 18-55mm kit lens.

At that time I had no technical skills or particular knowledge in the handling of a SLR camera and what makes a photograph. The understanding of light and the technical terms of “focal”, “aperture” and “ISO” didn’t really make sense to me yet.

Gradually I started consulting blogs and tutorial websites in order to learn more about the theory of photography, the technical terms and the settings of my camera. At the same time I applied what I was learning, I experimented with practice, I made trials and learnt from mistakes.

Over time I have continued my self-learning and discovery of the many applications that photography can have. I also expanded my range of equipment by acquiring 2 new lenses. In 2018 after a sabbatical year traveling through Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Canada, I increased my love for photography and realised that I wanted more of it.

In 2020 I came back to Sydney, I moved in with my partner and I enrolled at the Billy Blue College of Design of Sydney in the Diploma of Photo Imaging. I am now perfecting my technical skills and acquiring more knowledge necessary in becoming a professional photographer.


  • Frame + Work Trimester 1 (2020) “Tools of the Trade”: 2nd place 🥈    (More info here.)
  • RISE International Photography Awards 2020: Bronze Award 🥉    (certificate: open)
  • Frame + Work Trimester 3 (2020) “Water”: 2nd place 🥈    (More info here.)
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